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   1.    About this Policy

At KBR Foreign Exchange Limited (KBRFX, we, us, our) we take privacy of our clients very seriously. We work hard to make sure that the services we provide to you are secure and the information we collect about you or you provide us with (“your information”) is safe. Please take time and read this Privacy Policy (“The Policy”) carefully together with KBRFX Terms and Conditions. The Policy provides you with important information of how we use your personal data. All personal information you provide us with will be treated in accordance with this Policy. This Policy outlines the ways KBRFX may obtain, process and use your personal information. In this Policy “information” will mean any personal or sensitive information you provide us with when you browse our website, contact us for any reason, open an account with KBRFX, request a quote, book a foreign exchange trade, enter into a contract, request money transmitting services or enter into any survey or promotion. Please contact KBRFX if you have any concerns regarding any of the terms of this Policy and require clarification.

KBRFX is registered in the United Kingdom with Companies House registration number 05424125 and with HM Revenue and Customs for money services business, registration number 12257872. KBR Foreign Exchange Limited (KBRFX) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with firm reference number: 504575.

IMPORTANT: Please note that KBRFX services are not available to children under 18 years of age. Minors are respectfully asked not to apply for KBRFX services and not to submit any information.

2.       What information we collect

We will collect information you provide us with when you fill in the forms on our or our partners’ websites, correspond to us by email or letter or talk to us on the phone or in person.

When you open KBRFX website we will record which website you came from or which search terms you used. When you use KBRFX website we collect information about the machine/device you are using, including the type of the device, device identifier including INEI number and/or MAC address, the operating system, the type, the version and the plug-ins of the browser you are using. We will collect information whether you are connected by a fixed line or if you are using a wireless connection. We also collect the time you access our website, the time zone you access it from. We do not collect GPS information about your location. We will collect the information on the pages you viewed, the time you spent on the page(s) and how you interacted with the page(s) including clicks, mouse-overs and scrolling. When you leave KBRFX we will record which site you are going to.

When you open an account with KBRFX you are required to provide:

-          Private individuals: your full name, current address, previous address if you have been living less than three years at your current address, contact telephone numbers, email address and a form of identification (a passport or a UK driving license, and/or a recent utility bill) for each person registered on the account.

-          Corporate clients: Company name, trading name, trading address, registered address, Companies House registration number, date of incorporation, contact telephone numbers, company’s website, email address, bank name, bank account number and sort code bank address. Corporate clients are also required to provide estimated foreign exchange volume requirements, currency requirements and full details including the name, position, date of birth, residential address and a form of identification (a passport or a UK driving license) for each authorized signatory.

When submitting and personal information on behalf of any other individual (for example a joint account holder, company’s director, a shareholder or any other authorised signatory) you can only do so when you have asked permission from these persons.

When you make currency exchange with KBRFX or use our services to send money abroad or to someone else (a third party) we need you to provide us with relevant information in regards to this transaction. This information will include the amount you wish to exchange or transfer, currency you will be sending to us, currency you will require to be sent, the date you need the transaction to take place. When you make payments through KBRFX we will issue you with a Contract Note. The Contract Note requires you to provide beneficiary’s bank details including BIC/SWIFT code, Intermediary SWIFT, Routing Code, Sort code, BSB Number, where applicable, beneficiary’s bank name, address, account number or IBAN, account name, beneficiary’s address and payment reference. Beneficiaries’ names,  bank account information and transaction details will be retained on our records as required by law. KBRFX will never use third party’s information for any marketing purposes.

When you make payments through us we will also require you to provide us with a documented evidence of source of funds or wealth. This evidence can include a copy of your bank account or investment statement, probate documents, property sale contracts or relevant business transactions documents.

We may also require you to provide us with additional information where:

-           We might need further verification of your identity

-          An issue appeared during the course of background or fraud prevention checks

-          The payment is being made to certain jurisdictions

-          You make a high value transaction (or series of transactions amounting to high value)

-          You make a transaction which might seem unusual and/or make no commercial sense

-          Or in any other cases where we are required to collect the information from you to fulfil our obligations under Anti-Money Laundering or Anti-Bribery regulations.


KBRFX may obtain information about you from when we conduct background or fraud prevention checks using Electronic Identity Verification Services, Sanction Lists, Fraud Prevention Agencies, Companies House records and other organisations we may need to contact to receive information required by us to fulfil our legal obligations. By agreeing to KBRFX Terms and Conditions and the terms of this Policy, you agree to KBRFX obtaining information through other sources, including us confirming your identity via Electronic Identity Verification Services which may leave a print on your history. From time to time KBRFX may conduct background checks on our customers, such checks may provide third parties information including any associated persons or parties (spouse, civil partner, financial associates, partners, company directors, shareholders). Third parties information will only be used for risk and compliance requirements and will not be used for any marketing purposes.

When you communicate with us (via email, by telephone, or using any other means) we collect the information you give us and our responses. All telephone calls to and from KBRFX are recorded for quality control purposes, proof of the agreement made and to help us satisfy regulatory requirements.

If you connect with KBRFX through any Social Media (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or any other), where you permit us, we will collect the lists of your friends or followers. With your permission we may also collect any information you have shared with your connectors. For more information please check your social media Privacy Policies and if you have appropriate Privacy setting there.

KBRFX may receive information about you through other sources, for example where you use any other website(s) or services provided by KBRFX, participate in KBRFX’s advertising, promotional or any other marketing activity (directly, through an affiliate or as a part of Refer-a-Friend programme) directly or through another website. We will also collect your information you are a part of analytics or search information network. Such information will be used in accordance with the other sources’ Privacy Policies and can only be used for marketing purposes where you have provided consent to the other source or to KBRFX.

Sensitive Data.

Data regulations define certain information about you as sensitive data which include information of your racial or ethnic origin, sexual life or orientation, political opinions and religious or philosophical beliefs, physical or mental health, trade union membership and genetic or biometric data used for the purpose of identifying someone (such as fingerprint access). This information can only be collected with your consent. KBRFX DOES NOT require sensitive information from you to conduct our business. Please do not reveal any sensitive information when you communicate with us. We will never ask you any questions regarding such information.

If during the course of our communication, such as talking to us on the telephone or on the email you reveal this information by accident you will be giving KBRFX your full consent for us to store this information in a form of the telephone call or email recording, back up and archiving.

3.       Use of your information

KBRFX makes every effort to ensure that our customers obtain the safe and secure foreign exchange service through competitive pricing, efficient operations and a personalised service within a well regulated environment – this is the primary reason for us to collect your data. When you use our services you consent to us using your information for the following purposes:

-          To set up your KBRFX account. In order for you to use our services we will need you to provide us with information as specified in clause 2. Once we received this we will validate the information you provide us with. We will verify your identity, conduct background checks, including solvency check where required.

-          To provide you with foreign exchange and currency transfer services. The information you give us will be used to provide solutions to your currency requirements including exchange rate prices and quotes and money remittance services.

-          To comply with legal requirements and satisfy our ongoing responsibilities and obligations regarding compliance, fraud and risk management. KBRFX is an authorised financial institution registered and regulated by Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA), it is our legal obligations to keep continuous checks on our account holders and any connected parties. We monitor all transactions you make through us for the purposes of crime prevention or detection and to ensure compliance with counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering regulations. We will use information you provide to identify high risk individuals, including politically exposed persons, and to satisfy ourselves that we are not dealing with any individuals, companies, entities or countries which are subject to sanctions.

-          To provide you with customer services and account management. We will use different means of communications with you for different purposes. We may contact you by telephone, SMS or email to confirm your identity, account activity or to inform you about any transactions including those we have reasons to suspect to be illegitimate or where we have reasons to believe that her account have been used for illegitimate purposes or any other account activity, or to answer your questions, queries, deal with your complaints and investigating disputes that might arise. We will only use your email or postal address to confirm you opening an account with KBRFX, to send you the Contract note with confirmation of your foreign currency exchange agreement, to send you important changes to our terms and conditions, products or services, any notices or disclosures or where we are required to do so by law.

The above mentioned purposes are essential service and compliance business requirements. When you open your account with KBRFX you express your full consent to use the data you provide us with or we collect about you for such purposes, you cannot opt out or withdraw your consent for KBRFX to use your information at a later date.

-          Marketing. We may use your email address or telephone number as specified on your account to send you marketing and promotional information. Such communications may consist of our Daily Newsletters which will provide financial markets information, currency market updates and news. We may contact you to inform you about new services or products which we think you may find interesting or make recommendations or suggestions we think you may find useful based on your previous activity.

You can change your marketing communication preferences at any time. You can chose to receive some but not the other types of marketing communications or none at all and regulate the frequency of these communications. Please note it can take up to 48 hours for the changes of your preference to take effect.

-          To improve our services. We will use your information including your device information to improve and further develop our product and services including KBRFX website and or app or other technological developments that can be introduced by KBRFX at any time. Website administration including testing, troubleshooting, back up, archiving, storage, research, analysis and statistical purposes. Device capabilities differ so we will use your device information to display our content in the most efficient way. Aggregated customer information may be used to measure advertising and promotional efficiency and for statistical and reporting purposes.

4.       Cookies

Like most websites KBRFX website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your browser. They're used for many things, such as remembering whether you've visited the site before, so that you remain logged in - or to help us work out how many new website visitors we get each month. They contain information about the use of your computer but don't include personal information about you (they don't store your name, for instance). You can choose not to allow cookies. If you do, your experience with KBRFX website might not be as good as if you do allow cookies. The information collected by cookies does not personally identify you; it includes general information about your computer settings, your connection to the Internet e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, your browsing patterns and timings of browsing on the Website and your location. Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer. Please see Cookie Policy for further information

5.       Sharing your information with third parties.

To ensure high standards and ongoing availability of our services KBRFX works closely with various companies and organisations (the third parties) who support various important functionalities of our business. By accepting this Privacy Policy you express your consent for KBRFX to transfer your data to third parties for the purposes as described below:

-          Our banking partners and intermediaries are used for the money transfer services. We provide the banks with the beneficiary’s bank details as specified by you on the Contract Note to complete the payment transaction.

-          Electronic Identity Verification, Sanction Lists search, Fraud Prevention, Anti-Money Laundering and Risk management are conducted as required by law through a number of third parties partners who carry out relevant checks. Information we provide them may include documents which have photographs of you.

-          Current regulations require all financial institutions to certain transaction information and relevant statistical data to the regulators. We will use your data as a part of our reporting compliance

-          Where required or permitted by law we may disclose your information to the police, other law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities or departments, government and inter-government organisations.

-          If at any time in the future KBRFX is undergoing a buyout, a change of control, a merger, a sale of assets or acquisition by another company or in case of a liquidation we may disclose your information to the acquiring party and /or advisers acting on their behalf as a part of Due Diligence process. Your information may also form a part of transferred assets. In these cases the acquiring party will be fully bound by the present Privacy Policy.

-          We may also disclose anonymized statistical data about our customers to advertisers, partners, prospective investors or other third parties for any lawful purposes. These statistics however will not display your personal data.

-          If you were referred to KBRFX by an affiliate, a marketing partner or through a Refer-a Friend programme we will notify the referring party when you open your account with us and when you trade with us. In turn we may, with your explicit consent refer you to our marketing partners if we believe that the services they provide will be beneficial to you. We will always ask your permission for such referrals and you can withdraw your consent at any time. We will only provide the information our partners will require to contact you, such information will usually include your name, email address and /or telephone number.


6.       Transfer of information overseas


In order to provide you with our services, in some instances your information may be transferred, proceed and/or stored in a country outside the EEA (European Economic Area). We might have to share your information with organisations located outside the EEA when you use our money transfer services. In these cases KBRFX may provide your and the recipient’s information to the recipient’s and any intermediate banks and /or any other payments services providers to execute the transaction and provide you/us with the information in regards to the payment. This can also be the case where employees working for one of our suppliers, partners or sub-contractors are operating outside the EEA to provide you or us with customer support or process your payment request on our behalf. We may also have to disclose your information to organisations outside the EEA to comply with our legal obligations, such organisations include but not limited to police, other law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities or departments, government and inter-government organisations.


If your information is transferred to the countries outside the EEA KBRFX will take all practical and appropriate steps to ensure that your information is secure and all sufficient measures are in place to safeguard your information at all times to the same standards as it is required by the EEA regulations and in line with the guidelines of this Privacy Policy.


When you submit your information to us and require the use of KBFX foreign exchange and / or money transmitting services you agree that your information may be transferred to the countries outside the EEA in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


7.       Data Updates and Retention


It is critically important for the performance of our services that the information you provide us with is accurate at all times and always kept up-to-date. When you set up your account or submit a Contract Note to us please make sure that your information is correct. You must always contact your account manager or as specified in clause 10 below when there are any changes relevant to your KBRFX account and the information we hold about you requires update.


KBRFX is a financial institution which is required by current financial regulations to keep your accounts data for the minimum of 5 years after your account has been closed. In some cases, for example where there is an ongoing investigation by the regulators or any law enforcement agencies, we might be required to retain you information for longer. Upon the completion of the retention period your data will be removed and deleted from our systems.


8.      Information security


KBRFX works hard to protect your information from unauthorised access. We have robust security measures in place to prevent data loss, control internal and external access to your information and protect your data integrity.


All KBRFX employees are subject to identity and credit checks. KBRFX employees have strict access control right, which are restricted to the least privileges necessary to perform their responsibilities. No employees have access to your confidential data unless they have a genuine business need. Violation of information safety standards, policies and procedures by an employee results in disciplinary action, from warnings or reprimands up to and including termination of employment.


All KBRFX business partners and affiliates, who at the course of providing their services to KBRFX, have access to your information are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality clauses in their contracts to provide the necessary levels of data security and only process information as instructed by KBRFX. All such agreements and contracts have been updated with relevant Addendums to reflect the changes required by GDPR.


KBRFX uses industry approved information security systems including the firewall software, data encryption and the latest anti-virus protection capable to detect all known malicious types of software. KBRFX’s Information security policy and procedures are subject to ongoing reviews. All security systems are checked by the IT security experts at a minimum on an annual basis. However, worldwide web can never be seen as a universally secure medium. It can be the case, that despite our best endeavors, data security can be breached through the internet at some time. By accepting this Privacy Policy you accept the risks of providing the information online. KBRFX will not be liable for breaches of information security resulting in any loss of data or any injury or harm that might occur to you as a result of such breach unless the breach was a result of KBRFX’s negligence or failure to provide suitable levels of protection under the GDPR regulations.


9.       Your rights in regards to your data


Under the GDPR 2018 you have the following rights in regards to your information:

  1. the right of access. You can contact us and request us to provide you with all information we hold about you at any time. We will usually, unless your request is excessive, provide you with the information within 30 days free of charge. Where your requirements are excessive or deemed manifestly unfounded we may take up to 90 days to provide you with the information and charge you a reasonable fee for the provision of the excessive information.
  2. the right to rectification of inaccurate data. As specified in clause 7 above it is important for KBRFX to hold accurate information in regards to your customer account, foreign exchange and money transfer requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as can and update us on any changes.
  3. the right to erasure. Our obligations in regards to erasure of your information highlighted in clause 7 above. We are required by current financial regulations to keep your accounts data for the minimum of 5 years after your account has been closed. In some cases we might have to keep your information for longer. Once the retention period has been completed your data will be removed and deleted from our systems.
  4. the right to object. You can at any time withdraw the consent you have previously given to us and object to us using your information, for example, for marketing purposes. However you cannot object us going ahead and processing your information where you have previously given your consent to become a party of a contract. If you gave us you consent prior to becoming a part of a contract we will process your information. Where it is possible, you will however have a right to ask us to stop future processing under the contract.
  5. the right to data portability. You have a right to receive the information we store about you in widely acceptable and easily read electronic format (csv, xlsx, pdf, etc.)
  6. rights related to automated decision making. Personal relationships with our customer are the key to KBRFX’s corporate ethos. We offer a personalised service by dedicating an account manager to cater for all your currency exchange and money transfer requirements. We prefer not to rely and bring to the minimum the use of automated decision making or profiling services. If you ever feel that you have been unfairly treated by us because of us using the services please contact us. We will be glad to look into your individual situation and find a mutually satisfactory solution where possible.
  7. the right to the restriction of processing. You can restrict us using your information for marketing purposes at any time either by contacting us or by clicking on Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter we send to you.

You can action any of the above rights at any time either by speaking to your account manager or through contact details specified below in clause 11. If you have any issues or complains in regards to you the execution of your rights under the terms of this Policy please notify KBRFX Data Protection Officer in writing. Who will respond to you within 30 days from the day we receive your correspondence.

Where you have reasons to believe that KBRFX have not handled your request in regards your data protection rights appropriately you have a right to complain to UK Information Commissioner on the ICO website  or by telephone 0303 123 1113

10.   Miscellaneous

KBRFX reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and in line with the legislation. To notify you of any changes we will email you to the address we have specified on your account. By continuing to use KBRFX services you consent to all amendments. If at any time you disagree with any of the provisions of Privacy Policy, please contact KBRFX and close your account with us.

  1. 11.   Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this Privacy Policy or any other Data Protection related issues please contact KBRFX Data Protection Officer

Business Accounts: 0800 8778 466,

Personal Accounts: 0800 8778 477

Partners Accounts: 0800 9555 002

or write to us at Data Protection Officer, KBR Foreign Exchange Limited, Riverside Business Centre, Fort Road, Tilbury, RM18 7ND, United Kingdom.


This policy was last update on the 25th of May, 2018.

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